Yamato 302 Outboard Racing Motor

Owner's Manual

Yamato 302 Owner's Manual

About the Yamato 302

The Yamato model 302 is a 24.2 cubic inch stock racing engine. Like it's predecessors, this motor was developed specifically for use: in multi-billion dollar pari-mutuel boat racing industry in Japan. These motors are required to run heat after heat, day after day with perfect reliability at racing speeds. Therefore, they have been "over-designed" in relation to the job they perform.

In the United States, the Yamato 302 is used by the American Power Boat Association (APBA) in Stock (C-Stock) and PRO (OSY400)Categories. Internationally, it is race in the Union of International Motorboating (UIM) OSY 400 class with races being held around the world. Where ever outboards are being raced, you will certainly find Yamato Racing motors being used.

The Yamato 302 is the current motor being used in pari-mutel boat racing. After being used for a designated period of time, the motor are inspected and tested to be sure they are up to wear and performance specifications before being sold on the world wide market. The motors are backed up with an excellent replacement parts network.

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Yamato 302 Outboard Motor Yamato 302 Outboard Racing Motor