About RPM Marine

Ric Montoya

About RPM Marine

Ric Montoya founded RPM Marine in 1977. It began with the idea of having most of the Stock Outboard parts and accessories available in a central location for the racers in the Seattle, Washington area. At that time Mercury was the main engine supplier and parts could be purchased from any Mercury dealer. So RPM mainly concentrated on the boat hardware, plywood, padding and shear pins.

In 1977 RPM Marine became a Northwest dealer for Tom Ige (Yamato Importer in Calif.). In 1990 Tom Ige wanted to retire and move back to his hometown in Maui, RPM Marine purchased the Import business and is currently the Yamato Motor Import Representative for North and South America.

RPM Marine is also a dealer for Portage Bay Systems/Computerized Marine (Keller) Hardware, Brown Tool and Machine Hardware, Dawecraft Hardware, Okoume Plywood, Boat Padding, As well as aftermarket motor accessories like shear pins, mag locks, prop shafts.

RPM Marine's parent Company is RPM Auto, which is a full service mechanical repair service facility.

About Ric Montoya

I am a second-generation racer who was born into the sport, I attended my first race before I was a week old. My parents are Bob and Betty. I grew in Western Washington on Lake Tapps. My parents conducted several races a year from our lake front property. At that time we were the only ones living on the lake so the buoys and the clock were always set up. At 4 years old I would test my Mom's B Standard Runabout on the course and one of my family members would run the clock so that I could practice my starts.

The next Summer I attended the Pro Nationals and registered for M Hydro. The race committee was not comfortable with my age so they required that I demonstrate my abilities before allowing me to participate. I passed the test. But unfortunately I blew a lower unit before the start of the first heat and so that ended the Nationals for me. At the Winter National Meeting the Pro Category then put a minimum age in place for the M Class and I was not able to race with APBA again till I was 9 years old (1968). I returned to APBA racing in the Stock Outboard Category racing Junior Utility Runabout.

I have been a full time racer since 1968. After experimenting with several of the classes in the Stock, Mod, Pro, OPC and Inboard Categories, I've settled down to my two favorite Stock Outboard classes, CSR and CSH, 2 of the most competitive classes available to a full figured participant.

My history includes a list of accomplishments including 26 Records, 6 National Highpoints, 1 Nationals, Hall of Champions, Bangs and Babcock Awards and several terms in a variety of political positions.

Several times a year I'm asked, "Why are you still racing at your age?" My answer is, (1) It's fun. (2) The comradely of the Boat Racing Family. (3) I fell compelled to allow the young and up and coming heroes of the sport a chance to give some old guy as much grief as I gave my elders in my younger years.