Magneto Flywheel Removal

Author: Ric

April 22, 2010 1:55 PM

Here are the items needed for removing the magneto flywheel. One 15/16" 1/2" drive deep socket, or 24mm 1/2" drive deep socket, One automotive harmonic balancer puller or a steering wheel puller, three 8mm x 120mm x 1.25 pitch bolts, three 8mm x 16mm x 1.25 pitch bolts and a fabricated flywheel holder.

Here is a picture of one:

Yamato Flywheel Holder

It's made of 1/4" thick steel, inside of the doughnut shape is 1 1/4" dia., the outside is 3" dia., the handle need to raise above the doughnut 1 1/4" before bending 90 degrees, the handle is 10" long, drill 3 3/8" holes that match the hole in the flywheel.

Use the three 8x16mm bolts to bolt the flywheel holder to the flywheel, use the 15/16" or 24mm deep socket to remove the flywheel nut, use the harmonic or steering wheel puller and the three 8mm x 120mm bolts to remove the flywheel.
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July 09, 2012 7:30 AM
Joel thanks for the info I rlaely don t know which way to go on this one. I have spent a lot to get the bike just how I want it and to be let down twice now by faulty ignitions is rlaely Pi*****ing me off. I have spoken to Clive previously but I hadn t heard of anyone that was using one except Clive until now. I have been advised on a different one by everyone that has an opinion (Chris Cascoigne Motoplat, Alan Whitton PVL, Carl Winstanley Rex Caunt, Alan Nicklin Nametab, Clive Little Demon) each one swears by the one that they run so as you can imagine it is difficult to know who to believe. When it s working the Bateman (Nametab) one is good and I like the way that the engine works but you cant have reliability issues that cost as much as my fruitless trip to Wales on Saturday, can you ???Please keep me updated on how it performsGlad you read the BLOG keep your eye out for the next set of pics of the Sprite .. The tank is away having a paint job by Piers Dowell at the moment so it will look a bit different in about 2 weeks time. Till then we will have to get the Fantic finished so at least I will have something to rideAll the best Dave

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