302 Kill Switch Wiring

Author: Ric

April 22, 2010 1:46 PM

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Check the timing. Check the EGR.Also it would help even more if you stated if it was fuel injected or carborated. They had both options in ‘87. I can only assume since you said you changed the control module it is carbed with H.E.I., cause the injected model ECM controled spark and advance with external coil.If it is carbed it would be and electronic carb. You need to check the Air/Fuel mix solenoid. Had that issue with my ‘86 Caprice, so I just unplugged it and it ran great till the day I sold it. The solenoid is the front passenger two wire plug on the carb.Hell for that matter if you say it does it when it is warm it could be a cracked plug. If the ceramic is cracked it will run great cold but as soon as it warms up the ceramic expands causing the spark to scatter.

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