Yamato 302 Ignition Ohm readings

Author: Ric

March 11, 2010 5:46 PM

302 Ignition: these readings are taken from known good units.
these are not exact specifications
your readings may vary some

Pick up coils
green-red 195.4-202.7 ohms
Primary coils
ground-blue 2.6-3.2 ohms
Secondary coils
black-white 1.9-2.1 ohms

Transistor Unit 1.69-2.239m ohms
ground-green 1.69-1.709m ohms
ground-black open
ground-white 1.454-1.566m ohms
ground-red 1.533-2.088m ohms
ground-blue open
black-green open
black-white open
black-red open
black-blue closed-0.2 ohms
blue-green open
blue-white open
blue-red open
red-green 3.84-4.44m ohms
red-white 3.36-4.23m ohms
white-green 3.58-4.2m ohms
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