Spark plug reducers 18m to 14m

Author: Ric

January 31, 2011 4:49 PM

18m spark plugs for the Yamato's have become very difficult to find. Here is your option, 14mm to 18mm reducers are available from RPM Marine 206-283-4773, Tom Johnston 517-451-9120 as well as on the internet. However when making the change to using the reducers the heat transfer from the spark plug to the cylinder head is not as efficient and you will want to use one heat range colder spark plug. For example, if you were using a NGK heat range 9 you will want to go to a heat range 10, if you were using a 10 you will want an 11. Here are some of the NGK spark plug numbers, B10ES, B10EV, B10EG, B11ES, B11EV and B11EG
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Peter Sushinsky

1) Should anything be done to the 18 to 14 mm adaptors because they reach deeper into the combustion chamber and thus have exposed sharp threads that could become hot spots?

2) When measuring CCs with the adaptors do the min CCs need to meet the lower CCs for the stock 14mm head without adaptors or meet the min CCs for the stock 18mm head without the adaptors?

Thank you

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